Alpha Omega Air - aerial ash scattering

All About Us

Alpha Omega Air is a family run business that was started for one purpose - Turn the pain from your loss into a celebration of your loved one's life. We personally take responsibility for the safe keeping and scattering of the cremated remains that are entrusted to us. We usually use our family airplane, a Cessna 182 single engine airplane that performs great in the mountains and across the plains.

We understand that you have unique desires and we custom tailor every release to meet your wishes or the wishes of your loved ones. It is an incredible thing to be able to provide the final journey to so many beautiful and special places. We are honored to be part of your celebration of life.

We always have two people onboard our aircraft to ensure a safe memorial and to provide witness to the scattering. We take your trust in us seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that we fulfill our promise to you.

Check out where we can scatter your loved ones ashes here, and then give us a call at 913-221-9109 to schedule your scattering and ask any questions.