Alpha Omega Air - aerial ash scattering

Aerial Ash Scattering Services

Alpha Omega Air offers aerial cremains ash scattering services as a way to honor your loved ones wishes and return them to their favorite place on earth. We will spread your loved one's ashes from an airplane over a family farm, favorite lake, special river, mountain range, National Park, or just about any other memorable location. We honor great memories and provide incredible service.

Our ash scattering services are available throughout the continental United States. Based out of Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe, Kansas we have ready access to all corners of the country.

Every scattering is unique and custom tailored to meet your needs as you celebrate your loved one's life.

Check out where we can scatter your loved ones ashes here, and then give us a call at 913-221-9109 to schedule your scattering and ask any questions.