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Aerial Ash Scattering Memorial

Options and Pricing

Alpha Omega Air is proud to provide aerial ash scattering for you and your loved ones. Because each memorial release is custom tailored to meet your needs please call us if you don't see what you are looking for.

Pets are important to many of us and we will gladly spread your pet's ashes. For an additional $50 we will spread your pet's ashes at the same time and location as your loved one's ashes. Otherwise, our prices are the same for human or pet scatterings.

The map below has several concentric rings expanding out from our home airport. The price for scattering within each ring is listed below the map. If your desired location is outside the largest ring contact us for a quote.

Coverage map with pricing

Pricing based on distance from home airport:

Options that may be added to your request:

We do our best to complete all memorial scatterings within 30 days of receipt of the ashes. However, Alpha Omega Air can make no guarantees that we will be able to meet any particular date or time commitments because we may encounter unsafe weather conditions or other unforseen issues that interfere with our scheduled flight.

Soon after the memorial flight is complete we will send via Priority Mail a commemorative certificate, suitable for framing, with the date, time, location, and signature of the pilot and the witness.

Now fill out the Authorization form and determine how you wish to get the ashes to us.

Anniversary Scattering Memorial

Alpha Omega Air is honored to offer an anniversary scattering for you. We can fly over your loved ones original scattering location and release fresh flower petals of your choice on the anniversary date of the original scattering or any special date you choose. You may also setup recurring memorial flights such as every five years. Please contact us to help celebrate your loved one's life and honor them and the beautiful memories.